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Mar, 14 2014

TMG introduces Meltzer Rewards


With the rising cost of health care, finding affordable prescription medicine can be a challenge. To help combat these costs, The Meltzer Group has created Meltzer Rewards to assist its clients in locating the nearest pharmacies willing to provide discounts on most branded and generic prescription drugs.

Real Savings For All!
Meltzer Rewards is a FREE website and mobile app that allows users to search for the lowest prices on their prescription drugs at nearby pharmacies.  Wondering how Meltzer Rewards can help you?  No matter what your circumstances are, Meltzer Rewards can help you save money on your prescription drugs.  Here’s how:

Who qualifies?
Everyone!  There are no requirements or restrictions regarding employment, income, age, pre-existing conditions, legal status…or anything else you can think of.  There is no sign up and no information is collected.  Additionally, there are no restrictions regarding who the prescriptions are for, who prints the card, and who makes the final purchase.

What if I don’t have legal status?
Meltzer Rewards is a completely anonymous, no questions asked service.  We just want you to be healthy regardless of your legal status.

What if I am insured?
Prices between pharmacies can vary by up to 400%.  Meltzer Rewards will allow you to shop around for the lowest priced prescription at nearby pharmacies.  The Meltzer Rewards discount saves the average user between 15-60% on the retail price of their prescription.  By removing the question of price, your prescription will be easier to budget for so you can make your income go farther.

What if I am insured and receiving assistance from Medicare or Medicaid?
Meltzer Rewards prices are not likely to be below your copay.  However, shrinking drug coverage under insurance plans and federal and state programs means some of your prescriptions, or the preferred prescription for your treatment, may not be covered.  Meltzer Rewards can help you get lower prices for these prescriptions that you will need to pay out of pocket for.

What if I have a high deductible health plan?
Meltzer Rewards will help you save money before you reach your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.  You can use your Meltzer Rewards discount and submit the receipt as proof of an eligible medical expense that will be accumulated towards satisfying your respective deductible and out-of-pocket maximum amounts.

For more information on Meltzer Rewards, please click here.

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